read scripture in 2021

For 2021, Lake Merced's embarking on a year of growing Biblical literacy. This entire year will be dedicated to growing and UNDERSTANDING God's Word and our own faith. Each member of Lake Merced is encouraged to engage on three levels:

  1. Commitment to Daily Reading
  2. Commitment to Weekly Teaching
  3. Commitment to Weekly Discussion

Using the Read Scripture app, each day members of Lake Merced will read a few chapters of Scripture, meditate on a Psalm and watch any accompanying videos that might go with that day's reading. Each week's lessons will be taken from the previous week's readings and will involve some teaching worth digging deeper into. After each Sunday message, Fellowship Groups will gather on Zoom for a time of reflection and discussion over the last week's reading and lesson. Members of Lake Merced will grow on three different levels.

If you do not have the app or a smart device, scroll down for access to the reading schedule!

lake Merced 2021 reading plan

Text to ReadPsalm to ReadThemeMedia to Watch
Tuesday, January 5, Genesis 1-31Creation & FallBible Project: Genesis 1-11
Wednesday, January 6, Genesis 4-72Creation & FallBible Project: Image of God
Thursday, January 7, Genesis 8-113Creation & Fall
Friday, January 8, Genesis 12-154Covenant with AbrahamBible Project: Genesis 12-50
Saturday, January 9, Genesis 16-185Covenant with AbrahamBible Project: The Covenants
Sunday, January 10, Genesis 19-216Covenant with Abraham
Monday, January 11, Genesis 22-247Covenant with Abraham
Tuesday, January 12, Genesis 25-288Covenant with Abraham
Wednesday, January 13, Genesis 29-319Covenant with Abraham
Thursday, January 14, Genesis 32-3410Covenant with Abraham
Friday, January 15, Genesis 35-3711Covenant with AbrahamBible Project: Torah Genesis 12-50
Saturday, January 16, Genesis 38-4012Covenant with Abraham
Sunday, January 17, Genesis 41-4213Covenant with Abraham
Monday, January 18, Genesis 43-4514Covenant with Abraham
Tuesday, January 19, Genesis 46-4715Covenant with Abraham
Wednesday, January 20, Genesis 48-5016Covenant with AbrahamBible Project: The Messiah
Thursday, January 21, Exodus 1-317The Exodus from EgyptBible Project: Exodus 1-18
Friday, January 22, Exodus 4-618The Exodus from EgyptBible Project: Holiness
Saturday, January 23, Exodus 7-919The Exodus from Egypt
Sunday, January 24, Exodus 10-1220The Exodus from Egypt
Monday, January 25, Exodus 13-1521The Exodus from Egypt
Tuesday, January 26, Exodus 16-1822The Exodus from EgyptBible Project Torah Exodus 1-18
Wednesday, January 27, Exodus 19-2123The Covenant at Mt. SinaiBible Project: Exodus 19-40
Thursday, January 28, Exodus 22-2424The Covenant at Mt. Sinai
Friday, January 29, Exodus 25-2725The Covenant at Mt. SinaiBible Project: Heaven and Earth
Saturday, January 30, Exodus 28-2926The Covenant at Mt. Sinai
Sunday, January 31, Exodus 30-3127The Covenant at Mt. Sinai