What to Expect

on Sunday mornings

For information related to re-opening after COVID-19, Please read here.

Sunday morning worship begins at 10:45AM each week on our campus located at 777 Brotherhood Way in San Francisco. We do not currently meet in the large auditorium for our worship services (the big A-frame nearest the road), but instead are using our renovated fellowship hall in the back.

Casual Atmosphere

Our atmosphere is casual - you are encouraged to dress however you are comfortable. Please do not feel that you must wear a suit and tie or Sunday dress or anything like that. Some people do, but many (including church staff) often come to church functions wearing jeans and t-shirts. Before worship service starts, many people arrive early to enjoy coffee and donuts together while chatting and getting to know newcomers.


Singing is a big part of our worship services at Lake Merced Church. We love to sing together, and the lyrics for each song are clearly displayed on a projection screen making it very easy to join in whether you know the songs well or not.


In addition to singing, we always pray together. Prayers are usually led by one person who comes to the front and speaks into a microphone so everyone can hear. We believe prayer moves God, and we regularly lift up praises and requests to Him.


Each worship service we take communion, also known as The Lord's Supper. This is a tradition passed down to us from the early church fathers from the first century. The night before Jesus was crucified, He instructed the disciples to share bread (symbolizing His body) and wine (symbolizing His blood) together "in remembrance" of Him (Luke 22:14-20). The early disciples did this together often, and at Lake Merced Church we do this weekly on Sunday mornings. Remembering what Jesus has done for us reminds us how much God loves us, and remembering how much God loves us helps us to remember to love others the way He does.

Preaching & Bible Study

Finally, each worship service includes a sermon covering a passage from the Bible. We believe Bible study should shape what kind of people we are and how we live our lives, so sermons tend to be practical in nature. To listen to lessons presented at Lake Merced Church, visit our Sermons Page.