What we believe

One True God

We believe in one true, eternal and all powerful God, who by His power created all things seen and unseen. His is one God, and He exists in and reveals himself to us in three Persons - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The son was with God in the beginning and all things were created by Him. We have free access to the Father through prayer. The Holy Spirit is the indwelling power and presence of God for those who have committed to following Jesus. 

Salvation in Jesus Only

• All sin and fall short of God’s expectations. The penalty for sin is eternal punishment, but God in mercy and love has provided us a way of being reconciled. The Son of God humbled himself and came in human form as the man Jesus, to pay the ultimate penalty once, for all time, for all people.

• As faith in God develops, it is shown to be genuine as we respond in obedience to the Word of God and turn away from sin (repentance).

• God graciously forgives us and gives us the Holy Spirit when we repent, commit to following Jesus as our Lord, and are baptized as believers were in the New Testament.

• Salvation is God’s gracious gift through Christ, and humans cannot add conditions to it. 

The Bible is God's Word Given to Humankind

We believe the Bible was written by God through men by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The Bible is a book unlike any other, recording true stories of God's actions throughout history. Many of the men and women God saw fit to involve in His story not only proclaimed authority from God, but demonstrated authority from God by displaying power He had given them through predictive prophecy or performing miracles. We believe studying the Bible gives us a glimpse into the mind of God, and knowing His mind helps us understand what is wise or unwise, good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, righteous or unrighteous. If there were ever a guide-book for life, the Bible is it. 

Transformation and Mission

• God calls all to repent from sin and to be baptized, promising forgiveness of sin and the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38-39). "Repentance" means a person turns away from sin, and turns to God. This does not mean one is perfect, only that one consciously does their best to live a life pleasing to God.

• In obedience to Christ, by the Holy Spirit’s power, Christians throw off sin and take on the virtues and habits of Christ. For true followers of Christ, repentance is a lifestyle.

• Conversion is evident by a commitment to leading a holy life. 

• We are called to preach the gospel to every person, because all people are lost without Christ. We put a high value on unity by accepting diversity of thought on disputable matters, by mutual submission to one another out of reverence for Christ. 

Eternal Hope

We believe that Jesus will return without warning, and all the dead will be raised. He will take all those who belong to God home to their reward in heaven, while judgment awaits the rest of humankind.