Get Connected

Sunday morning worship - 10:45AM in the Fellowship Hall
Thursday night dinner and study - 6:30PM and 7:30PM in the Fellowship Hall
(Call or email to let us know you're coming on Thursday)

At the Lake Merced Church, we believe the local church to be the visible manifestation of the body of Christ in the world. It is important that disciples of Christ connect with a local congregation not only to continue their spiritual journey with others, but also to engage in ministry using the gifts God has given them as part of that body.

We don't believe someone can fully develop into the person God created them to be unless they are surrounded by spiritually connected people grounded in the teachings of the Bible and in relationship with Jesus Christ. God has created all of us to lean on Him and one another, and connecting with a local church is something we believe He desires for each person.

There are several ways to get connected to Lake Merced Church in addition to Sunday morning worship services, be it through our Thursday night small group, or Inner-City Tenderloin Ministry.

If you'd like to learn more about connecting with Lake Merced Church, please email us at expressing your desire, and a staff member will contact you soon.